Intellectual Property Law and File Sharing:

Copyright law and laws relating to patents and inventions protect various types of original works of authorship and invention and the reproduction, distribution/handling of copies, public performance or displaying of such works without the consent of the copyright owner or other rights holder may contravene the law. Warez does not promote or in any way condone the use of such material for such purposes. This note is not intended in any way to constitute legal advice and you should consult a lawyer in this regard.

In fact, the use of this website and/or any software included in or on this website for such illegal purposes, including file sharing of copyrighted material without, amongst other things, all necessary permissions, is prohibited and is in breach of the terms and conditions which you have accepted in using this site or you have downloaded or in any way used any Warez software and/or any software licensed to it.

You should not assume that you have permission to share a file simply because someone else has made it available online. To make sure you have the right to share the file check the licence under which you downloaded it or check the record company music/artist/movie website.

Compliance with all relevant laws is YOUR responsibility! Please use this site and any material on it responsibly.

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